From The Blue Donkey Dems Press Release, we stand in solidarity with El Paso and Dayton:

The whole nation has once again been left reeling in the aftermath of the tragic loss of our own citizens, mothers, fathers, children, grandparents, friends, all sacrificed in the name of extremism, gun violence, and hate. The senseless deaths in our own state of Texas in El Paso, the Dayton shootings, the Onion Festival all in just over a week and following shooting after shooting in schools, music venues, churches, and synagogues. These mass murders are unique to America and must be stopped. No other nation on earth comes close to experiencing these mass gun deaths by violent individuals. Every time they happen we are told that strong gun laws, universal background checks, Red flag laws, banning bump stocks and other important measures will not decrease these incidences. In America, 40,000 people died of gun violence last year. These violent killings of innocent Americans must end. If we can save one family from this heartbreak we must stand for doing something. Gun laws can and must be changed now.

We stand together in unity for a safer Texas and nation against this rise of domestic terrorism, racism, anti-Semitism and intense hate and all other activities that fan the flames of these acts. These acts are against all of us in America. We cannot let leaders of any kind lead us to normalize hatred and fear of other people based on race, religion or any other differences that can separate us. It is time for us all to stand together as one American against gun violence, extremism, racism, religious intolerance, and hate.

As we mourn the ending of so many lives that now cannot offer us their talent, inspiration and unique gifts, we are all diminished by their loss. We offer love, comfort, strength, and support for the victims who have survived this latest attack and to their families, loved ones, and friends.

Blue Donkey Dems

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